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The art of riding a Paso Fino horse

It appears easy but it is like any other breed of horse, it requires some basic riding abilities. When you see someone riding a Paso Fino from a distance, it appears that the rider is just sitting there. While the Paso Fino horse is born with the natural ability to perform the lateral 4 beat gait.


The Paso Fino horse

By nature is a more forward, responsive horse than some other breed of horses. The Paso Fino horse is an extremely smooth horse. It requires proper communication in order to make the horse move at the proper speed in order for the horse to perform the Paso Fino gait. Think of it this way, a dressage horse is born with the ability to be at the Grand Prix level. Even if the horse is trained to do its movements, just because a person can sit the horse at the trot and canter, it requires additional skill from the rider to make that horse do upper-level movements.